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Frequently asked Questions about Rising River Brewing Macungie PA location.
For specific questions about Conneaut Lake please email

I'm a musician I want to play at The River. I'm a foodtruck.
What kind of drinks does Rising River serve? 


Parking is FREE in our lots with the exception of 2 days a year.
(Two days we require parking passes are Piratefest and The Great American BBQ)

During Holler season (May-Sept) and holidays we can experience high volume weekends. We post updates on current capacity on Facebook as needed. On these high volume days we encourage using rideshare (Uber/Lyft) during peak times. (It's never a bad idea, but a particularly good idea during peak)

When our parking lots are full please remember that there is absolutely NO off street parking and please be respectful of the surrounding neighborhood. Do not turnaround in the private driveways of our neighbors, use turn signals and obey all traffic laws. On capacity weekends its best to plan on arriving early to ensure parking. The speed limit in our parking lot is 10pm. 

Note: Peak volume is typically between 4:30 - 6:30pm on Summer Saturdays when the weather is nice. This is a general guideline. On capacity days especially for those traveling long distance we advise guests to arrive early well before peak volume or later after our peak volume.


We welcome families with minors to enjoy The Holler (Lawn). Minors are not allowed on the property after 9pm. Per state law, we require guests under the age of 21 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all bar service areas. Parents MUST *supervise their children at all times. Minors must be directly **accompanied at all times in the Rumpus Room after 7:30pm Thurs, Fri & Sat.
*Supervising = active action. Ongoing. Means knowing where your children are and what they are doing. Parents are responsible at all times for their children.

**Accompanied = escorting. Ex: Walking child to the restroom or having your child seated with you under direct Supervision.


Well behaved, socialized and leashed domestic animals are allowed. Owners must have complete control of pets at all times. Note: The Rumpus Room & Deck area can be busy spaces. Ensure your pet companion is comfortable in this environment before you bring them on the deck or inside! 

ID Policy

We only accept the following forms of photo ID:

  1. Government issued US Driver’s license or ID card.

  2. Passport Books (must be typed passport)

  3. United States ID Passport Cards

  4. United States Military CAC Identification card (white with microchip)

We do not accept:

  • Expired documents (expired IDs are NOT valid)

  • DMV/MVA paper Driver’s License or extensions

  • No pictures or digital documents of IDs or Renewals

  • Forms of ID not mentioned above

Do you take reservations? 

No. We do not take reservations. All areas of our property are first come first serve with the exception of (3) rentable areas for groups of 12 or more. Here is information on group rental areas.  

Outside Food

While we do encourage patronizing our partner food trucks...outside food is welcome in the Lawn area or as part of a group rental. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL allowed anytime or anywhere on our property. (We reserve the right to inspect coolers) You are welcome to bring water.

Musicians / Food Truck inquiries

Please understand we get an immense amount of inquiries to play here at The River. We pride ourselves in having THE BEST live music booked by live music fans. That being said we do not book new musicians without first seeing you play live. There are almost no exceptions. So, when sending inquiries it's best to invite us to see you play. And please note...this can most likely happen during our offseason. (It's very hard to get away on a weekend Spring-Fall) Also note we book music an entire year+ ahead only leaving a few open dates for special events/touring artists. (Now booking 2025) Please remember we get far more requests to play here than we have days to offer! Best way to get booked is catching our attention playing live generating a buzz that catches our eye. Offseason we comb the area checking out new music! If you have a buzz we will know about it and most likely seek YOU out. Same goes for Food Trucks.

What does Rising River Serve? 

We serve our own Craft Beer & Hard Seltzers. We also serve Hard Cider. We typically have between 10-20 drafts on tap inc. Seltzer Slushees and Beer/Seltzer Cocktails. Menu changes daily. Sample menu. We also serve N/A beverages such as A-Treat Soda (old fashioned glass), Juice, Water & N/A Slushees during summer. (Note: Conneaut Lake offers Spirits & Wine as well)  Cider is Gluten Free. 

Flagship beers on tap year round and rotating seasonal beers. We occasionally carry other Pennsylvania Craft guest taps, primarily from other Lehigh Valley Brewers Guild.
During deck season Mid March-Oct. we sell our famous Orange Crush Hard Seltzer Cocktails. (Available Tiki Bar only!) 

We have Rising River To Go 4-packs & Cases all the time and fill growlers when the Rumpus Room window is open. (We don't fill growlers at the Tiki Bar) 

Rising River Macungie has rotating partner foodtrucks everyday we are open. The schedule is always posted on FB. Rising River Conneaut partners with Curleys BBQ.

ID Policy
Food & Drink
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